> 14-Year-Old Suffering From 'Text Neck'

14-Year-Old Suffering From ‘Text Neck’


Arecent study from Bloomberg Business revealed that the average smartphone user spends nearly 3 hours a day on their device, surpassing television for the most common form of media. The startling amount of time that some people spend looking down at their phones has brought to light a new issue – “text neck.” 14-year-old Sarah Atchison out of Colorado recently went to the doctor complaining of neck pains and aches, and x-rays showed that this was the real deal. “I always look down at my phone,” she said. Sarah is just one of many who are beginning to suffer the consequences of constant engagement with smart phones.

“‘Text neck’ is where the proper curve in the cervical spine actually gets reduced and can even move forward,” explained Dr. Chat Cotter, the chiropractor who is helping Sarah reduce the damage done to her neck. He noted that this type of issue used to take decades to develop, but with the rise of cell phone use it’s been fast-tracked. “It’s alarming, it’s setting those kids up to having major problems as adults,” Cotter added. He hopes the chiropractic exercises, if done properly, will help alleviate Sarah’s pain.
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