Commercials can be annoying today, but they’re nothing compared to the incredibly offensive stuff ads used to get away with in the early days of consumerism.

Ads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s were notoriously sexist, but it isn’t until you actually see some of them when you realize how bad it really was. Nearly every product, even those that have nothing to do with domestic duties or beauty ideals, was an excuse to demean women everywhere. Wow. See for yourself…

1.) Just what she always wanted: chores.

2.) Something tells me there was something more in these vitamins than B-12.

3.) “Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things.”

4.) Simple, silly, soft… So many ways to call women dumb.


5.) It could have easily just been the cigarette box, guys.

6.) Wait, what? This is just rude.

7.) But… He’s a chef!

8.) Domestic abuse because of… coffee. What.

9.) At least she gets a beer, too.


10.) According to this, women are only useful indoors. “Even pleasant.”

11.) There’s nothing nice about this.

12.) No, pedophiles aren’t sexy, move along.

13.) And we wonder why there are so many girls with body issues…

14.) Do you get extra jerk points for wearing a suit to bed?

15.) Anyone wearing this is probably only getting it for themselves.


I’m glad things have changed. There’s no way these could exist in the present. Can you believe people actually thought like this?

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