Wayside Waifs, an animal rescue group, decided to help the animals in their care find permanent homes by staging a large adoption event in April 2019 according to The Dodo. The event was held at the shelter maintained by the group in Kansas City, Missouri and lasted for 19 hours. When all was said and done, more than 200 cats, dogs, and guinea pigs went home with new parents.

After all of that, only one animal remained at the shelter in the aftermath of the event. The dog, whose name was Kenny, was a pit bull terrier mix. Two-year-old Kenny lived in a Louisiana shelter before being transferred to Wayside Waifs. The energetic dog loved people. The fact that no one at the event showed an interest in the dog was a source of puzzlement for the staff at the shelter.

One worker for the shelter, Casey Waugh, told The Dodo that Kenny is a dog that would fit into any family. A day before the event Kenny left the shelter with a volunteer for a short field trip. The volunteer called Kenny ‘a dream’ after the short time spent with the dog.

Wayside Waifs now turned their full attention to finding a home for Kenny. The shelter used Facebook to post a profile for Kenny that spoke of all the things the canine liked to do. Kenny loved the park and liked to play on agility equipment. They also said he enjoys spending lazy time on the couch and loves to cuddle.

Wayside Waifs identified a couple of special considerations to anyone considering making Kenny a part of their family. The shelter considered it best for a high-energy dog like Kenny to not be in the house with small children. They also felt it best that Kenny is the only dog the individual or family owns.

Wayside Waifs posted a picture of Kenny in the shelter all by himself. The loneliness of the dog was obvious. The campaign to find a home for Kenny worked and in a few days, a forever home for Kenny was located. Kenny’s new mom was just excited to have Kenny in her home as the dog was to be adopted. The staff at Wayside Waifs knew Kenny and the woman were a perfect match.

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