Many families go to amusement parks for a thrill they can experience together. Riding roller coasters is one of the biggest thrills you can safely have… or so we though. For some people, a trip to the amusement park has made their vacation days a little more worrisome and even tragic. Not all days at the amusement park end happily.

You may rethink your next visit to an amusement park when you read this:

1.) The Cyclone – Coney Island, NY

The most famous roller coaster in Brooklyn’s Coney Island has had its share of mishaps and injuries. The old wooden coaster has gone through several renovations and updates, but still remains one of the rides that has caused numerous injuries and even some fatalities. Keith Shirasawa, a 53 year old who chose to ride the coaster broke his neck while on the ride that turned out to be his demise.

2.) Superman Tower Of Power – Louisville, KY

In 6 Flags’ Kentucky Kingdom lies the Superman Tower Of Power. This ride is meant to lift the passengers 17 stories high and then dropping them in a free fall state. Sounds all well and good, except it wasn’t for Kaitlyn Lassiter. While on the ride, Kaitlyn soon found herself wrapped in a broken cord from the ride. Initially it was wrapped around her legs and neck, but luckily she managed to get the cord off of her neck. Unfortunately, the cord remained around her legs when the ride’s free fall occurred, which left Kaitlyn with severed feet.

3.) King’s Island – Mason, Ohio

Ohio’s Kings Island amusement park not only one of the deadlier parks in the country but it also had one of the most unlucky DAYS for an amusement park. In one day, 3 people suffered electrocution and one fell out of a ride an hour later and died on impact.

4.) Waterworld USA – Concord, CA

What a better way to cool off in the summer than by hitting up a water park? You can have some fun in the sun and in the water. It wasn’t so fun for a group of high schoolers who were riding a water slide in California’s Waterworld USA. The group decided to disobey safety regulations and 33 people piled into the slide at once. The slide, not able to hold the weight, collapsed leaving one teen dead and several others injured.

5.) Action Park – Vernon, NJ

Action Park was home to some of the most ridiculous injuries of any amusement park. So much so that the park closed down in 1996 due to the insane amount of lawsuits the park was facing. It reopened under a different name and updated safety precautions, but that didn’t help the previous park attendants. Their wave pool was nicknamed the “Grave Pool” due to the numerous deaths it caused, people have been electrocuted there, and a man flew off one of the rides and smashed his head onto a rock, killing him.

I think I’ll be staying home. No vacation for me, thank you very much. Share this post if you now long to go to a beach or just stay at home watching Netflix, where it’s safe.


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