Security cameras caught the moment when a teen walking down an Istanbul street saved the life of a young girl who plummeted out of a second story window.

He managed to break her fall in mid-air and scoop her up in his arms to safety.

The hero is Feuzi Zabaat, a 17-year-old Algerian man who was in the right place at the right time. He can be seen in the video crossing the street when all of a sudden he notices something off camera. He seems to try to get other people’s attention but there’s only so much time for him to react to what is about to happen.

Just seconds later, you can see Feuzi positioning himself in just the right spot for the toddler to fall right into his open arms.

The child, a two-year-old Syrian named Doha Muhammed, had accidentally fallen out of the window while her mother was cooking. Feuzi had seen her dangerously close to the ledge and immediately sprung into action. Thanks to his quick thinking, the toddler came out of the incident with no injuries.

This quick heroic act did nothing less than divert a fatal tragedy that would have impacted the Syrian family forever. However, Feuzi merely brushed it off as his duty. He told CNA: “I caught the child mid-air before she hit the ground. I did what was necessary for the love of Allah.”

Doha’s mother rewarded him with a cash amount of 200 Turkish Liras (US$35). It’s no surprise that the video of the rescue has now gone viral.

Watch the heart-stopping moment in the video below:

What an incredible moment! A few seconds that made all the difference in young Dona’s life. Send this on to somebody who needs some inspiration today with a story about an everyday hero.

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