The other day, while out for a drive near her home in Canada, Roxane Delaire spotted something that gave her pause.

There, plodding listlessly on the side of the road, was a skunk in distress. The poor animal’s head had become trapped inside an aluminum can — and she appeared unable to remove it on her own.

Though no one would have known if Delaire had continued on her on her way — leaving the skunk to hopefully be rescued by someone else — she did the opposite. Putting any fear of getting sprayed aside, she decided to be a hero to the skunk herself.

Here’s that moment on video:

Being unable to eat or drink, or avoid dangers, the skunk likely would not have survived for long. It did take a few tries for Delaire to remove the can, but in the end, she was finally able to save the animal’s life.

The offending piece of litter was now an artifact of her heroism.

After the video above was posted online, Delaire received plenty of well-deserved kudos for her act of kindness in saving the skunk — but, it seems, the happy outcome came as its own reward.

“It was a really nice moment,” Delaire wrote.

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