Italian singer songwriter Andrea Bocelli has for decades been captivating crowds with his stunning operatic vocals, vocals that have been likened to the voice of God by none other than Celine Dion.

But recently he’s been getting a lot of attention for his duets. This week, a duet with his son Matteo was shared by millions who were amazed this his son had a voice almost as beautiful as his father!

Well now he has performed a duet with his wife Veronica Berti in a stunning setting you cannot miss. It brought tears to my eyes and the love that this couple have for each other is clear from their performance together.

Andrea Bocelli met Veronica 12 years ago and on the night they met Bocelli sang his first aria for her and they moved in together, according to a Guardian article.

Since then the couple have a daughter together and have married and recently got the chance to perform together in front of an emotional crowd.

Photo: Youtube

The song they chose was so apt: “Qualche Stupido” or “Something Stupid,” which although was written by C Carson Parks, it’s best known for the 1967 version by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra.

Introducing the couple the presenter said they had needed someone to sing the song with Bocelli as a demo for his album.

“We loved it so much that we begged her to do with Andrea tonight; does it get any more romantic that two people singing to each other,” the presenter added.

Not a dry eye in the house

It’s clear from their performance how much these two care for each other. They also complemented each other’s voices perfectly – and after the gripping duet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

It was a special moment that clearly meant a lot to Bocelli … and the result is something out of the ordinary.

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