A bus driver from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is being hailed as a hero after she rescued a child who was wandering around on a freeway overpass barefoot in freezing cold weather.

Irena Ivic was driving as she worked her normal shift when she spotted the girl, and she immediately pulled over. Without hesitating, she jumped out of her bus and ran across the street. She then picked up the crying girl and brought her back to the bus.

“Oh my God, I was so upset, and I couldn’t believe that somebody can left the child on street,” Irena said of the moment she saw the girl.

“I’m just grateful I was in the right place at the right time,” Irena said during a ceremony honoring her heroic deed.

Police found that the 19 month-old girl had been left outside by his mother, who may have been suffering from a mental health crisis. The toddler has since been reunited with her father.

Social media users have been praising Irena for her good deed.

We applaud Irena for thinking fast and doing whatever it took to save this child!

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