Ladies and gentleman, the King himself, Elvis Aaron Presley is alive and well! In fact, he took the stage during a live American Idol broadcast and performed his hit song “If I Can Dream” with none other than Celine Freaking Dion!!

OK, so maybe this wasn’t actually the real live Elvis, but thanks to technology, it looked pretty darn close! The performance looked so real that it had so many people wondering how American Idol were able to pull the amazing duet off. It turns out, it is all thanks technology, practice, and a little something called rotoscoping.

According to a recent article by ABC News, Dion actually spent hours practicing her part on the “Idol” stage pretending that the real Elvis was performing right by her side. She even did it a few times with a Presley body double in order to get the “realness” factor. Lastly, the most important piece to this amazing vintage pie, was to edit existing footage of The King and through a technique called rotoscoping, which is a lot like cut and paste,  pasted Presley’s performance onto Dion’s.

It’s all pretty impressive  and  a beautiful reminder of when music was really music!

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