Dad Sets Up An Incredible Pirate Treasure Hunt Using A Hidden Room


The idea of hidden treasure is always so much fun for children. Their imaginations go absolutely wild when they think of all the lost or buried riches that are out there. Not to mention, they also learn how to solve puzzles and think critically. Really, it’s an all-around winning activity for kids.

When this couple found out that they were going to have a baby, they set a plan in motion way, way, way ahead of time. They sealed up a wall in their baby-to-be’s room, hiding a special surprise in there.

As the child grew, she had no idea that there was an entire secret space right on the other side of her wall. For seven years her parents kept this huge secret from her in anticipation of the big treasure hunt.

Then, one day, she asked Mom and Dad if they had some pocket change to spare. Under the guise of not wanting to spoil their daughter, they told her to try cleaning out an old, unused window box. Being the good girl that she is, she obliged, and began cleaning out a heap of odds and ends until…

At the very bottom, she finds a battered treasure map of her home. This is as good as creative parenting gets, and watching this curious, clever girl work through the map with her father is so heartwarming. She’s going to remember this for years and years to come.

Just watch what Dad does to get to the secret room!

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