They say we find our soul mates in the most unlikeliest of places and that certainly is true for 4-year-old Lucas and his best friend Juno. The two came into each other’s lives when both their worlds were beginning to take a turn for the worse, whether the two knew it or not.

You see, Lucas was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, which is an inherited, metabolic disease caused by the absence or malfunctioning of an enzyme needed to break down sugar. As the disease progresses, children like Lucas will soon lost the ability to speak, eat and walk. It can also cause severe neurological damage leading to hyperactivity and seizures.

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, there is no cure.

When Lucas’ parents looked into getting him a service dog to cope with his disease, they were hit with the horrible news that not only would one cost them upwards of $15,000 but due to his declining condition Lucas was not a good candidate. Refusing to take no for an answer, Lucas’ father, Chester, made a decision that will change his family forever. He went to his local animal shelter.

It was there that he met Juno, a Belgian Malinois, who was scheduled to be put down in just a few days.  The reason for her surrender, according to Chester, was because her owners were not well educated on how to handle the breed. But Chester was, he used to work these dogs while working as a law enforcement officer a couple of years prior.

When the family brought Juno home they quickly realized they had made the right decision, not only did she bond quickly with the family, but she and Lucas connected right away on a completely different level.

This adorable dog, who was once scheduled for death, became a fixture in their son’s life, caring for him, and watching over him. Chester recalled a time when Juno was circling over Lucas, nudging him with her nose. When the family went to investigate, they found that Lucas’ oxygen levels were very, very low.

She saved her dear friend’s life.

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