Over the last month, an internet sensation has emerged in the form of a viral video featuring Dexter, an 8-year-old dog who has captured the hearts of viewers. Whether accompanied by his owners or exploring independently, Dexter’s distinctive talent of walking on two legs has garnered widespread admiration from the online community.

Kentee Pasek, Dexter’s owner and caretaker of this remarkable Brittany breed, shared with the media that the family initially envisioned long walks with Dexter. However, their plans were disrupted when Dexter, still a puppy at the time, experienced a significant and unfortunate accident.

Dexter faced a life-altering moment when he crossed paths with a van, resulting in the unfortunate accident of having his front legs run over. Enduring multiple surgeries, Dexter rejoined his family and embarked on a journey of rehabilitation. Adapting to the loss of one paw, he developed a unique walking technique, relying on his hind legs.

Throughout most of his life, Dexter, the resilient dog, gracefully traverses on his hind legs, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter him. Witness the heartwarming tale of a dog who embraced walking on his two hind legs, showcasing both his resilience and extraordinary talent.


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