Simon Brown spent 13 years in the army after a major tragedy. In 2006, he was on a mission in which he tried to rescue six of his friends along with other soldiers, but the group was attacked by enemies.

When they escaped the shot, Simon was shot in the head by a sniper.

Simon miraculously survived, but lost one eye. He left the army at that time and has so far undergone 25 complex operations in which doctors have reconstructed his face. He also had an artificial eye.

A five-year-old girl named Timbrance Pattinson has been involved in volunteering for some time despite her youth, helping soldiers. But she had never met a soldier.

That’s why they decided at Help for Heroes to introduce Simon to the Temperance girl.

When they met and had a conversation, the little girl moved millions of people around the world to tears with her response. She was not afraid of Simon’s appearance, and she accepted everything with great understanding. Watch a video that speaks for itself!

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