In a recent internet video, we witness the unique behavior of a mouse, as shared by the video’s creator. The uploader, a retired 75-year-old postman named Rodney Holbrook from the quaint town of Builth Wells in Wales, recorded footage of a mouse diligently tidying up his cluttered shed every night. Holbrook resorted to using a surveillance camera to capture the mouse’s nightly cleaning routine, as his word alone wasn’t convincing enough for skeptics. The captivating scene has garnered over a million views on YouTube, leaving many viewers astonished.

In recent months, he observed a puzzling trend of various items ending up inside a box by morning. Failing to find a logical explanation, he took matters into his own hands by installing a surveillance camera in the shed, revealing the surprising “culprit” behind this phenomenon.

During the wee hours of the night, the mouse diligently gathered screws, rags, pots, and other utensils, methodically placing each item inside the box. Explore the video to witness the industrious mouse at work, tidying up the shed.

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