Once you’ve reached a certain age, it’s easy to start thinking that you’ve seen it all. Just when you start to feel this way, however, life has a way of throwing something at you that you’ve never seen before! Now, a story is going viral about an elderly woman who is stunned to see a rooster in a movie theater for the first time, and it’s sure to make you laugh!

A farmer recently decided that he wanted to go into town and see a movie. When he got to the theater, the ticket agent tapped him on the shoulder and said, “sir, what’s that on your shoulder?”

“That’s my pet rooster chuck. Wherever I go, chuck goes,” the farmer replied.

“I’m sorry sir,” the ticket agent replied. “We can’t allow animals in the theatre.”

The old farmer left and walked into the alley, where he stuffed the rooster into his overalls. He then returned to the theater, bought a ticket to a movie, and ended up sitting in the theater next to two widows named Mildred and Marge.

When the movie started, the chuck began squirming around, so the farmer opened his fly so chuck could stick his head out and watch the movie.

“Marge,” Mildred whispered.

“What?” said Marge. “I think the guy next to me is a pervert.”

“What makes you think so?” asked Marge.

“He undid his pants and he has his thing out,” Mildred whispered in response.

“Well, don’t worry about it”, said Marge. “At our age we’ve seen ’em all”

“I thought so too,” said Mildred, “But this one’s eatin’ my popcorn!”

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