Presently, a charming video circulating on the Internet captures the journey of a woman who has been providing sustenance to wild foxes for a quarter of a century.

In times gone by, Sharon Hughes fed one of the inquisitive foxes, and the following day, the creature returned accompanied by its companions.

The recently surfaced video on the Internet has quickly become a sensation on social networks, garnering several million views. Numerous animal enthusiasts are deeply impressed by the actions of the video’s creator.

Residing in Scotland, Sharon Hughes initiated her connection with foxes a quarter-century ago when she fed one of them. Since that day, a growing number of foxes have been frequenting her, and Sharon continues to provide sustenance.

Each day, dozens of foxes visit her seeking both food and companionship. Frequently, they patiently wait near her house, establishing amicable relationships not only with Sharon but also with her pets, Dexter and Barney the cats. Delight in watching an endearing video that is sure to brighten your day.

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