A South Florida woman named Lorrie was taking her big akita for a walk when she heard something strange. They were in a park, so she took her 10 year-old ex-guard dog to investigate.

Lily the dog went into the bushes and came back out with an itty bitty surprise. She had a tiny 2 week-old kitten in her mouth, and deposited it at her owner’s feet. It’s common for people to abandon animals in those woods, so Lorrie took the kitten home.

She was so young, a shelter couldn’t accept her. That’s when Lorrie decided to raise her a bit herself… and things got adorable.

(H/T Daily Mail)

It’s hard to handle just how cute this is. This kitten’s story could have had a tragic ending. Thanks to Lily and Lorrie, she’ll have a loving home and a longtime best friend in the big, gruff dog. Share their touching bond with others.


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