Sometimes animals reach out to us for help, and when we lend them a hand, they can respond with incredible acts of gratitude.

A really good example of this is Jake, a rescue dogwhose human dad started having chest pains. Jake began behaving strangely and wouldn’t leave his side, instead he followed him around the house acting concerned. When his owner finally went to the hospital, he found out he’d suffered a heart attack that would have mostly certainly killed him had Jake’s behavior not convinced him to seek help.

And much like dogs, foxes can make incredibly loyal companions. Look no further for evidence of this than Tod the deaf fox, adopted by his human mama as a pup, who travels with her everywhere and snuggles lovingly when she holds him.

Cropper’s story doesn’t diverge from this narrative. Found by his new best friend after being viciously attacked, the little guy was very near death. However, he was nursed back to health by his adoptive human, and he is now in good health and the two are inseparable. When you watch them play together in the video below, your heart will melt.

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