Two Texas high-school students are having an unforgettable prom!

Adrian Alonzo, a McCamey high school quarterback, asked out Cesyli Prieto, a fellow student with Down syndrome.

Adrian has a lot in common with Luis Velasquez, who surprised his special needs friend Tiffany Gay with a prom invitation!

Though his “prom-posal” was a huge surprise, the two got an even bigger surprise during the ceremony.

Adrian collaborated with teachers Bridget Mitchell and Amy Acosta to come up with a special way to ask Cesyli to prom.

The result was something spectacular. Adrian filled several boxes with balloons. When Cesyli opened each box, a balloon floated out.

Eventually, the balloons would come together to spell “prom.” He adorned Cesyli with a tiara and she readily accepted.

“She knew right then when he said ‘prom,’ she said, ‘Oh, sure! Oh, OK!’ ” Mitchell told Today.

“She got super-excited. When it was all said and done, we got back to the classroom, and she refused to take off the tiara. She was dancing, being happy, and being silly. She said, ‘Cesyli’s going to the prom! Cesyli’s going to the prom!’”

But that wasn’t all… On the big day, the entire school did something pretty incredible for Cesyli.

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This is Cesyli Prieto. She has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t prevented her from having a pretty incredible high-school experience.


Adrian Alonzo, a McCamey High School quarterback, didn’t want Cesyli to miss out on one special occasion: prom.


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“I just thought she should have a chance [to go to the prom] like everyone else,” Adrian said.


The young athlete staged an elaborate “prom-posal” with the help of a few teachers. Cesyli accepted.


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“Sometimes I would sit here and see how all [the] young ladies went to dances, parties, movies and here is Cesyli just here at home watching TV. Well today thanks to some amazing people She is just one of the girls being asked to go to prom!” Cesyli’s mother, Maribel, wrote on Facebook.


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While the pair had a great time at prom, they didn’t expect one special surprise from the entire school!


The school rallied together and voted Cesyli Prom Queen.


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