A month ago, a YouTube video featuring Zeppole, a golden retriever, garnered attention. Discovered by his owner in the neighbor’s pool one morning, Zeppole seemed unperturbed. This has become his daily routine, and fortunately, the neighbors are tolerant of his playful antics.

The Dodo’s video, posted last month, has become a YouTube sensation, with nearly 2 million viewers enthralled by the golden retriever’s antics.

From his puppy days last year, Zeppole displayed a fondness for water, initially enjoying the neighbor’s pool under the watchful eyes of his owners. As he matured, he forwent the need for permission, effortlessly scaling the fence to embark on solo aquatic adventures.

Witness this endearing video featuring a golden retriever stealing the spotlight with his joyous swims in the neighbor’s pool. Imagine having neighbors who don’t mind such delightful canine escapades!

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