> Guard At Tomb Of Unknown Soldier Is Fed Up With Loudmouth Liberals. Watch Him Teach Them A Lesson…

Guard At Tomb Of Unknown Soldier Is Fed Up With Loudmouth Liberals. Watch Him Teach Them A Lesson…


If you have ever been involved with the military, coast guard, or any type of government service position, you are well aware of the discipline, respect, and courage that is required to make it through the ranks.

Many people do not recognize this though, which causes a miscommunication between people and those who are in the government forces, which can lead to unsettlements, and many more issues that follow soldiers coming back from war.

Though not all interactions may lead to soldiers feeling isolated and stressed, there are plenty of incidents between soldiers and civilians that prompt misunderstanding and unrest because civilians do not understand the discipline and respect required and indoctrinated by soldiers.

In a video posted to YouTube by atomicmustard, a scene is set where there are several tourists going to view the Arlington Memorial Cemetery.

The Arlington Memorial Cemetery is a very special place that consists of 624 acres of the graves of soldiers who have found in wars for our country.

The cemetery is divided into 70 sections which each have their own theme or organization to them.  The grounds are extremely sacred and symbolic to anybody who is related to the armed forces.

In one part of the cemetery, there is a large tomb that was constructed for a soldier that died during battle.  Thought the name of the soldier is unknown, the same respect should always be given to every armed member from our forces, and the guard that was pacing back and forth on the tomb wanted to make sure of that.

In the video, there are several people who are standing and watching the memorial, however there as some who are on the side having their own conversation.

As many know, there are times when you are supposed to talk, and times when you are supposed to have a moment of silence.  With these people, they certainly were supposed to engage in a moment of silence, however that was certainly not the case.

The family kept on talking and talking, but the guard was not having the disrespect that the family was showing.

The guard stopped in the middle of his unfaltering march and saying, “Absolute silence is required at ALL times”.  Immediately, the family ceased the mouths running and absolute silence was heard.

In fact, it was so quiet that you can hear the soldier’s feet pounding the ground.

It was not the first time such occurrences have taken place at this monument.  In fact, there have been several cases of people trying to go walk up the stairs to the moment, and being addressed in a similar manner to get off as quickly as possible, for only soldiers are allowed to walk on such sacred ground.

If you want to see the rather shocking video of the family being yelled at by the moment’s guard, you can see it down below, and let us know if you have ever visited the Arlington Memorial Cemetery in the comments below!

Have you seen any guard taking care of the space there before?