I definitely believe that some dogs actually have the mental capacity of a three-year-old toddler. They have their wants, needs, and desires, and in some cases, are just as good as showing their emotions when they’re happy and sad. A good example is this adorable pup who literally barks his frustration at his owner for leaving a dog park too early.

In this hilarious clip, you can definitely sense that the dog is upset for having to leave an afternoon of fun and play to go home (after all, as this Corgi proves, dogs love parks just as much as kids). Just like a very emotional toddler, he lets his owner know exactly how he feels by speaking it the best way he can. I’m sure that if he could talk, he would tell the driver to turn around and go back to the park because obviously he’s not done having fun!

Has your pet ever shown his frustration? The best part of this clip is when the driver asks the dog if he’s a Texans fan and he goes completely silent. Ha! Not only is he talkative, but apparently very opinionated, too! It looks like no one is going to stop him from speaking his mind!

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