Last Sunday, one very special note rose out among the stack of envelopes at the First United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For more than 80 years, the wooden plate has been passed around the pews, accepting donations from the congregation. Now, a blessing found inside one of the donation envelopes has quickly gone viral, and for good reason.

On a crumpled envelope, an anonymous church member had scribbled the following words: “Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God bless.”

Inside the envelope? 18 cents.

To many people, 18 cents is as good as dirt. But as Rev. Patrick S. Hamric says, those 18 cents could very well have been everything in his or her pocket. “Everyone on our team was moved by the spirit in which the gift was made,” he said.

Unlike the woman who left a heartwarming note for an unsuspecting cop, no one knows the identity of the person who wrote these words, or where the person was sitting in church. Of course, the church is anything but mad. They shared the story on their Facebook page, and now people everywhere are touched by the powerful gesture of human selflessness.

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