Is it just us, or are the bears of the world getting ready for hibernation a little early this year? They certainly seem to be keen on stocking up on food wherever they can get it, and in huge quantities.

Just last week, we told you about this enterprising pastry lover in Colorado. Now, he has competition, in the form of a black bear snuffling up dog chow in Florida.

This massive animal apparently stole an unopened bag of dog food from a garage, weighing around 20 pounds, for a midday snack. Unnerved neighbors called Buck Cross, a neighborhood resident who usually tackles wildlife problems on a smaller scale, like raccoons and skunks.

Unlike this Chihuahua savior, Cross wisely chose not to take on the bear directly, especially because the big guy seemed so relaxed. Instead, from a safe distance, he took the opportunity to snap a few pictures, as the predator curled up under a tree for a little after-lunch nap.

And, apparently, he may have eaten too quickly. Just like a human dozing off on Thanksgiving Day, the bear seems to have tested his limits, and was having some trouble getting comfortable on an overfull belly!

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