“The Ongoing Debate: Unraveling the Ethics of Plastic Surgery in the Fashion and Beauty World

The realm of fashion and beauty has long been a battleground for discussions on the ethical implications of plastic surgery. Are cosmetic procedures promoting unattainable beauty standards? Can they genuinely instill inner confidence and self-empowerment? Or is it merely a form of personal expression and enjoyment? These questions have sparked passionate debates over the years, with individuals firmly entrenched on either side of the argument.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a prominent Instagram model from Kyiv, Ukraine, has taken her fascination with plastic surgery to extraordinary heights. Over a span of several years, she invested over $2,000 in cheek fillers alone, resulting in her now-famous massive cheeks. Embracing her transformed appearance, she has also undergone lip fillers, mouth fillers, forehead botox, jawline alterations, and chin reshaping.

Her distinct look, often referred to as the possessor of the “world’s biggest cheeks,” has garnered her an impressive following of more than 273,000 on Instagram and even television appearances, where she engaged in discussions about her journey on programs like “This Morning.”

Considering Pokreshchuk’s rise to fame on account of her modified appearance, it’s unsurprising that her followers have had limited exposure to her pre-cosmetic procedure days, which commenced at the age of 26. However, on Aug. 9, 2021, she offered a rare glimpse into her past by posting a photo of herself at 21, contrasting it with a more recent image. The older photo displays a more subdued version of the model, a stark contrast to her current striking appearance.

Join us as we delve into Anastasia Pokreshchuk’s story, exploring the complexities and implications of her personal cosmetic journey.”

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Around six years ago, Anastasia Pokreshchuk embarked on her plastic surgery journey, starting with her lips. Despite possessing a fresh-faced look at the time, she didn’t feel attractive. In an episode of Truly’s “Hooked on the Look” from October 2020, she candidly expressed, “When I was 26 years old, I understood that … I’m not very pretty.” Unhappy with her thin lips, she opted for lip fillers, dismissing her natural lips as “ugly.”

The program featured photographs of Pokreshchuk before any cosmetic work, revealing her natural face and lips, as well as her appearance after enhancing her lips with a significant amount of filler, but before she touched her cheeks. Even with the lip fillers, she still appeared beautiful, but the size of her lips stood in stark contrast to the rest of her face.

In 2019, around the age of 30, she decided to take her transformation further by getting her cheeks filled to exaggerate their shape. Despite already having extremely defined and enlarged cheeks, she humorously remarked, “Now I think I have to refresh already. I think that they’re a little bit small. You think that it’s too big, but for me, it’s a little bit small now.”

Fully aware of the impact her exaggerated features have on the public, Pokreshchuk remains unperturbed by others’ opinions, focusing solely on how she feels about herself. Her goal is to wake up each day, look in the mirror, and see “the picture I like.” For her, self-satisfaction takes precedence over outside judgments.

In a later segment of the “Hooked on the Look” video, Pokreshchuk shared that she has undergone numerous procedures but doesn’t keep track of the exact count since there have been quite a lot. She expressed, “I never count how many procedures I have [done] in my face. I never count because it’s a lot, you can see this is lots.”

Besides her lips and cheeks, she disclosed other procedures she’s had, such as botox in her forehead, filler around her mouth, chin fat reduction, and self-accentuating her jawline. She estimates spending at least $2,000 on her cheeks and another $2,000 on her lips, but the overall cost remains unclear to her due to not tallying her procedures. She confidently stated, “I don’t care about this.”

During a visit to her cosmetologist and friend, Katia, the latter shared her perspective on Pokreshchuk’s choices, expressing no disapproval. According to Katia, Anastasia is a self-sufficient and responsible adult who can make her own decisions. She reassured that if Pokreshchuk ever feels dissatisfied, the procedures can be reversed using enzymes that dissolve the substances, making it a non-critical and non-scary process.

Another friend, Aleksey, also spoke positively about Pokreshchuk’s transformation, liking what she has done. In the video, he even underwent a lip filler dissolution administered by Pokreshchuk herself. Aleksey praised her cheekbones, finding them cool and awesome, and humorously suggested that she should get more injections as he felt they were still too small.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin to address various concerns, including restoring lost volume, smoothing lines and creases, and enhancing facial contours.

The website highlights the popularity of this facial rejuvenation treatment, with over one million men and women choosing it each year. It is regarded as a cost-effective alternative to surgery, providing a way to achieve a more youthful appearance without downtime.

The surge in filler popularity has been further fueled by celebrity influence, exemplified by Kylie Jenner’s well-known lip enhancements.

Trained professionals have access to various types of fillers, allowing them to cater to patients’ desired looks. However, the majority of people opt for fillers to help regain a more youthful appearance and restore their original looks, rather than pursuing extreme transformations like Pokreshchuk’s. For the model, it seems her motivations for undergoing fillers stem from personal insecurities she wanted to address, rather than solely aiming to appear younger.

In an interview with Ladbible, she explained that prior to getting work done she was too shy to post pictures of herself online and that she didn’t like aspects of herself. She said:

“I was ashamed of everything; my voice, my appearance. It was really hard work. I think I was ugly before.”

She added:

“My mom thinks that I was naturally beautiful before, but now thinks I look more exotic and my friends say my new appearance is better because before I looked like a grey mouse.”

But while those close to her seem to have no issues with her extreme look, Pokreshchuk gets polarizing comments on her social media accounts.

In the same interview with Ladbible, Anastasia Pokreshchuk candidly revealed that she has faced harsh criticism, with people calling her derogatory names and suggesting she should harm herself. However, she shared that such hurtful comments don’t affect her; instead, she brushes them off and chooses to ignore them.

With a massive following of over 273,000 on Instagram and more than 524,000 on TikTok, Pokreshchuk has become a celebrity in her own right. Addressing the presumption that she undergoes cosmetic procedures merely to stand out or gain attention, she asserted that her choices are entirely driven by personal preference. She emphasized, “I look the way I do because I like this. Some people think that I do this ‘Ohh, just for hype.’ I’m doing this just for me. I want to wake up, go to the mirror, and say, ‘Oh Nastya, you are so beautiful today. I love what I see.'”

Acknowledging that her appearance might seem strange to others, Pokreshchuk expressed that she has developed a fondness for her distinct look, particularly her cheeks, even though they might appear unconventional to some. She confidently stated, “After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them. I understand that they look weird for other people, but I don’t mind.”

In the “Hooked on the Look” video, Pokreshchuk addressed her fans and critics, revealing that she maintains a carefree and authentic presence on Instagram, where she talks about everyday life, and believes that is why people appreciate her. Despite facing negative comments, she values her supportive audience, stating, “I have a very good audience.”

While her global fan base is extensive, she also encounters her fair share of detractors who openly express their disapproval of her appearance. However, Pokreshchuk remains unfazed by the criticism, confidently asserting, “There are some haters, yes, it’s not without that. But I don’t give a f***.”

Dasha, one of Anastasia Pokreshchuk’s fans, expressed her support for the model’s choices in an interview. She emphasized that everyone has the right to make their own decisions, and she doesn’t judge Pokreshchuk. Dasha appreciates how Anastasia uses her appearance as a means of self-expression, respecting her personality and individuality.

Despite being a polarizing figure with her unique look, Pokreshchuk remains determined to further enhance her appearance. She disclosed her desire for veneers to achieve a “Hollywood smile,” as she’s not satisfied with her natural teeth. Additionally, she plans to alter the shape of her lips further, while keeping her prominent cheeks as she loves them, and intends to get a chin implant.

When questioned about whether she’s addicted to cosmetic procedures, Pokreshchuk is hesitant to label it as such. She believes she has made the changes she wanted on her face and admits to not wanting to live without fillers or botox to maintain her youthful appearance and self-confidence. However, she does wonder if this may be a form of addiction, but she still values how she looks with all the enhancements, finding herself more attractive.

The model is content with her current appearance, which stands in stark contrast to how she perceived herself before undergoing procedures. Enhancements have not only altered her looks but also boosted her self-confidence when interacting with others, a positive outcome that accompanies the radical changes she has made to her face.

While her social media showcases recent pictures, she did share a before-and-after post in August, illustrating the remarkable transformation she has undergone in the last six years. The left image portrays her in a black fur shawl with her natural dark-brown hair, displaying her initial stunning appearance that led her into modeling. On the right, the photo exhibits Pokreshchuk’s complete transformation, from her enlarged cheeks to her bright pink hair.

Despite some commenters preferring her pre-procedure appearance, the Instagram model continually expresses her fondness for altering her looks, even though she acknowledges that she may appear unconventional to some. In an interview with The Mirror, she confidently stated, “I love (my cheeks), I want them to look like this, and I’m very happy. I regularly inject other parts of my face myself.”

During her appearance on “This Morning” with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in July 2020, Pokreshchuk discussed the dangers of fillers while acknowledging that she is currently studying cosmetology online. She admitted that the procedures can carry risks, but she ensures that she does them with doctors and is pursuing a deeper understanding of cosmetology through her studies.

The hosts of “This Morning” also interviewed Alex Karidis, a London-based cosmetic surgeon, who warned about the dangers of self-injecting fillers. He highlighted potential complications, ranging from lumpiness to blindness, stressing the importance of professional expertise and medical supervision in such procedures.

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