All kinds of bullying is horrendous and unacceptable – whether it is against children in school or adults in the workplace.

Growing up hasn’t been easy for Evan Hill from New Zealand, mainly because of all the inconvenience and intimidation he has had to endure due to his extraordinarily large front teeth.

His teeth made him an easy target for school bullying. He received the nickname “hare boy” because of two large pearly eggs – like a hare.

But in addition to the ridiculousness and inconvenience caused by his large front teeth, it also led to a number of physical complications.

Among other things, he struggled to shut his mouth completely. Evan’s parents couldn’t help their son because they couldn’t afford the surgery he needed.

After that, one of the magazines decided to publish a story about Ivan and his teeth. The story touched a number of readers.

He received overwhelming support not only from his hometown, but across the country.

So much support that strangers actually started a fundraiser to help raise the funds Evan needed to have the operation he so desperately wanted.

“I don’t know where we would be today without our generosity,” Evan’s mother told Newshub.

Five years after Evan’s story went public, it’s finally time.

Hundreds of foreigners donated and enough money was raised to cover the operation – all from private donations.

There is even money left over that was donated to charity to help other children who cannot afford dental surgery.

Once the operation was over, Evan could finally smile without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

This story shows humanity at its best – when people come together and help others, we are able to do wonders!

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