The adage ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ resonates with those skilled in financial management.

Otha Anders, a retired educator from Louisiana, embarked on a remarkable journey of collecting pennies. What began as a simple ambition to gather spare change found on the streets evolved into an irresistible passion. For 45 years, he diligently amassed pennies, ultimately filling 15 5-gallon containers with coins. In 2015, prompted by his homeowner’s insurance no longer covering his collection, Anders decided to cash in his impressive accumulation.

Reflecting on his astounding accomplishment, which left bank clerks utterly astonished, Anders shared with ABC News: “Whenever I spotted a penny while refueling, on the ground, or in a store, it served as a prompt to pause and offer a prayer. I never overlooked this ritual. That’s why each penny held such immense value for me.

“I was resolute about not spending a single penny,” he revealed to USA Today. “I would rather break a dollar than part with a penny.

“My initial goal was to fill five five-gallon water jugs. However, my determination knew no bounds… If I hadn’t exchanged them yesterday, I wouldn’t have halted,” he affirmed.”

Anders’ passion and his collection were widely known among all who knew him, including the students at the school where he was employed. Occasionally, he would purchase pennies from them, steadfast in his principle of never accepting even a single one without payment.

“I made it a point to ensure that no one, not even my wife or children, gave me pennies without receiving compensation,” he disclosed to USA Today. “I sought the personal fulfillment that came from knowing that this collection was a joint endeavor between God and myself.”

Upon his arrival at Ruston Origin Bank in Ruston, Louisiana, the staff greeted him warmly and eagerly offered their assistance. In exchange for his remarkable collection of pennies, Anders received $5,136.14.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Anders and his collection.

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