There are millions of homeless dogs all over the world, and sadly, some people think that it is alright to abuse these dogs since they are strays. In this video, however, one man learns the hard way that messing with a stray dog isn’t such a good idea!

The video opens in Chongqing, China with a man coming upon a stray dog in his parking spot. Irritated by this, the man decides to kick the dog hard until the poor animal moves out of the way. He had no idea that karma was about to come back and bite him hard!

The man was stunned when he returned to his car minutes later and saw what the dog was doing to his vehicle.

The dog, it appears, rounded his fellow stray friends and brought them back to the car for a little revenge. The man panicked when he saw that the gang of dogs were chewing on his car!

I think this man is definitely going to think twice before he ever abuses a dog again!

Video of what went down has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 734,000 times! People all over the world have commented that the man got what he deserved.

“That’s what he gets for bothering a innocent dog,” one social media user wrote, with another adding, “Hahaha take that man. I love animals, why would someone do that?”

“Haha that’s why you don’t wanna mess with dogs,” a third person commented.

Watch how these dogs seek sweet revenge for their friend in the video below:

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