We are very happy for him!

Those people who never forget what others did for them while they were going through tough times are the best people. One such special person is a man named Kevin who used to spend his days at a West Seneca, New York corner, asking strangers and passersby for some money.

His sign which said that he was a war veteran, drug-free, alcohol-free and looking for a job was recently replaced with another one and it warmed many people’s hearts. The new sign placed where Kevin stayed during the past couple of months said: “Thank you everyone who has helped. I start working Monday.”

One of the local residents, Jesse Dixon, who often stopped to help Kevin, spoke to WKBW-TV and described him as a very nice guy.

“It seemed like he, you know, hit a patch of, you know, patch of bad luck, so we were just trying to help him through it. If I didn’t see him for two or three days at a time, it was unusual. Like I said, I usually… usually saw him at least a couple times a week,” she said.

Those who were willing to offer Kevin a helping hand were grateful for the sign and the kind message.

Jesse added that she was extremely happy for Kevin, and Megan Bingham, co-chair of the annual local Project Homeless Connect event, described his act as heartwarming. “Here’s a man who is so grateful to have found a job that he left a sign for anyone who’s helped him over the last, you know, however many months,” she told WKBW-TV. “I mean, that gives me goosebumps.”

When the story was picked up by the local outlet 7 Eyewitness News and shared on their Facebook page, it went viral in the blink of an eye. A huge number of people took their time to comment.

One person wrote: “Our family has helped him out on many occasions. He was always so grateful for anything we gave him. Congratulations,” while another added: “So very happy! I have stopped on a few occasions and given him food and gift cards. He is such a remarkable kind man. So glad to hear this news.”

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