Now and then, a story emerges that warms my heart to the core. This is one.

It was an ordinary day when Facebook user Casey Carpenter was standing in line at a Kroger store, paying her groceries.

Suddenly, the man in front of her turned around and asked if the sweatshirt she wore was hers – a sweatshirt with the letters USMC on it, the acronym for the United States Marine Corps.

Casey explained that it belonged to her husband. That’s when she got the most unexpected reaction – a reaction that would shock her… and really make her day.

Read her moving story below.

“I went to Kroger tonight wearing one of my husband’s sweatshirts. I got in line to check out and the man in front of me asked if the sweatshirt was mine. I said ‘oh no, it’s my husband’s.’ It caught me pretty off guard, to say the least.

He then asked if Austin was with me so he could say thank you and I just said ‘thank you, but unfortunately, he’s deployed right now.’ The man then, without hesitation started putting my groceries up on the belt with his and told me he was paying for my groceries tonight.

I was speechless. The only thing I could get out was, ‘oh my gosh, are you sure, thank you so much’ almost a dozen times. He said, ‘that place over there almost took me away from my wife and my four kids. Promise you’ll stay true and honest to him while he’s gone and love him like you’ve never loved him before when he gets home.’

I’m still in shock over an hour later. There’s still so much good in the world and we need to start focusing on that rather than focusing on all the bad.”

See the original post below:

I totally understand why Casey was so moved by this stranger’s act of kindness. Being separated from our loved ones is always a challenge, and it’s so heartwarming that two complete strangers managed to connect on this level!

Share their wonderful random encounter if it warmed your heart, too.

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