There are some videos that are born to be viral, and yet somehow they sneak under the radar. This is one of those videos…but hopefully not for long.

While on safari in the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, a family of elephants is seen crossing the road. First, a grown elephant crosses the road, followed by a medium-sized elephant. But it’s what — or should I say,who — follows behind the two elephants that makes this all so amazing.

Because seconds later, scampering from behind in the bushes, out pops a tiny baby elephant running through the brush to catch up with Mom. “Wait up, guys! I’m coming!” as he hurries behind his parents.

The timing here couldn’t be more perfect. Not only does the safari truck head down the road just in time to catch this sight, but also the safari-goer who happened to have her camera ready to record the whole thing.

The last time we fell in love with a baby elephant, it was during a playful bath time, but this one fails to disappoint. I seriously cannot handle all the cuteness contained in this one little video. Can you?!

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