Losing a child is a tragic event that no one should have to live through. What happened to Valarie Watts and her soon is unthinkable. Her baby Noah was developing in the womb just fine for most of her pregnancy. Then, something happened in the final few days. She could feel that he wasn’t moving as much and it worried her. Then, after labor, she realized the terrible truth: her son was stillborn.

Noah’s umbilical cord had become pinched in utero. She was never able to meet her baby boy. The infant was stillborn last July, almost a year ago. But Valarie still had his crib and nursery put together. She couldn’t quite let him go… not yet.

In his workshop, Gerald has lots of different projects he tinkers with. Recently, he has been converting headboards and footboards into unique, custom-made benches. He decided to return Noah’s crib to his mother, only transformed.

To see his incredible act of kindness, watch the video below:

Source: Fox

He did it all out of the kindness of his heart. Hopefully the beautiful little bench will remind Valarie of the boy she didn’t get to meet, but someday will in heaven. We hope that her healing will begin and he pain of her son’s passing will be less severe in time. Share Gerald’s wonderful act of kindness with others by sharing this article.

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