Earlier this week with a budget of only £50 ($64) Phil Beastall, from Gloucestershire, shared a film on Facebook.

After he created the ad it has rapidly gained attention online after receiving almost five million views.

The 32-year-old’s video, entitled ‘Love Is A Gift’, follows a man as he ticks off the days on his calendar during the countdown to Christmas, as many do.

However, as he reaches the big day, he opens a box which contains a Walkman and cassette tapes.

The video shows him listening to one of the tapes, which transpires to be a farewell message from his mother who passed away.
Evidently his mother left a special message for her son to listen to each Christmas which will pull at  your heartstrings. Phil said: “I think there’s a bit of a revolution going on in the advertising industry.

“People no longer want to be overtly sold something which makes our job as video producers a lot harder because we have to sell indirectly.

“But the good thing about this is that when selling to consumers we can focus on selling lifestyles and indirectly sell the products or services that fit that lifestyle.

“A lot of people are struggling financially so to hear that millions is being spent on these campaigns isn’t sitting well with people.

“People have been saying that it’s just an opportunity to celebrate Elton John and promote his new film.

“Having said that, I enjoyed John Lewis’ advert. I liked the fact that a success story like Elton’s can start with something as simple as receiving a piano.

“But if John Lewis knocked on my door tomorrow and said, ‘Would you want to make next year’s film?’ I would obviously snap it up in an instant.”

The message at the end of the film is: ‘Love is a gift, that lasts forever. Merry Christmas’

Take a look at the video clip below:

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