American actor and show host Steve Harvey has gained a huge following for his hosting roles in popular programs such as “Little Big Shots” and “Family Feud.” He’s beloved for his ability to put a smile on people’s face with his good-natured sense of humor and rapport with guests. One memorable episode included a young guest named Oscar who was from Scotland.

Steve Harvey’s appearances with kids on “Little Big Shots” have endeared him to a whole new generation of television viewers. The show features amazingly talented and adorable children. Harvey gets a kick out of interviewing them because of their unpredictable antics. 

It’s a heartwarming, feel-good variety show that seems like a throwback to variety shows featuring children that many of us grew up enjoying in our younger years.

One of the memorable episodes of the show included a young guest named Oscar who was from Scotland. This six-year-old boy stole the audience’s hearts with his thick Scottish brogue. The best part of it for many viewers, however, was Steve Harvey’s apparent inability to understand what the young lad was trying to say.

Harvey started out by asking young Oscar what subject he enjoyed most at school. When the boy offered an answer, Harvey responded with a blank stare that seemed to convey complete and utter confusion.

Steve Harvey didn’t know what to think when the boy’s reply turned out to be fish, but, because of his accent, he pronounced it as “fesh.” Harvey asked him what it was he liked. Once again, Oscar told him, “Fesh.” When he did so the second time his eyes grew wide, he licked his lips, and let out the sound, “mm,” to indicate the idea of eating something tasty.

Harvey still had no clue what Oscar the Scottish boy was referring to! So, Oscar decided to explain further, by describing where the “fesh” lived: “in the sea.”

Finally, Harvey caught on to what Oscar was talking about. Since fish isn’t really a class you take at school, it kind of makes sense that the host drew a blank at the boy’s thickly-accented answer.

Harvey inquired about why the boy was talking about fish in connection with the school. Oscar answered that he likes eating fish that’s prepared at his school for lunch. Like many kids, it turned out that lunch was the boy’s favorite subject!

Steve Harvey eventually can’t ignore the boy’s unusual pronunciation of the vowel in “fish” as a short “e” sound instead of our typical American short “i” sound. Oscar insists that his pronunciation is the right one, and he even tries to get Harvey to say the word with a Scottish accent! Harvey isn’t having it. The audience cracks up at the absurd exchange.

Finally overcoming their differences over the pronunciation of the word “fish,” Harvey explore which kind of fish meal Oscar most prefers. His mum tells Harvey that Oscar likes “fesh and cheps,” which is what Scottish people call French Fries. On this point, Harvey is in complete agreement with Oscar.

Steve Harvey and his young guests on “Little Big Shots” certainly know how to bring out the most in each other!

Check out the video above to get a good laugh at their lively exchange. Pass this story along to anyone who you think would enjoy Steve Harvey, a cute kid, and good humor!

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