Facebook Video Shows Remarkable Rally Stage Encounter with Moose

In a recent round of the FIA European Rally Championship, an extraordinary incident unfolded as an Irish rally crew found themselves facing a moose on the track, skillfully avoiding a potentially disastrous collision.

Facebook Sensation: Young Irish WRC Driver’s Heart-Stopping Moose Encounter

A video posted by rally driver William Creighton on his Facebook profile has taken the internet by storm, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and leaving rally fans in awe. The gripping scene unfolds during the FIA European Rally Championship, where the William Creighton – Liam Regan crew competes with their Ford Fiesta rally3.

In a nerve-wracking moment during a previous stage, the skilled duo narrowly averted a collision with a moose while racing at breakneck speed. The entire heart-pounding incident was captured by a camera mounted inside their vehicle.

Witness the chilling close encounter experienced by this young Irish WRC driver as he faced off against a moose in the recent FIA European Rally Championship.

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