In recent days, a video has surfaced on the internet depicting the plight of a distressed deer ensnared by its antlers in a rope.

Prompted by compassion, a group of hunters stepped in to liberate the animal from its unusual predicament, capturing the entire rescue on a mobile phone.

This video, uploaded to YouTube in the past few days, has rapidly gained popularity, accumulating over 200,000 views on the platform alone. It has garnered significant admiration from animal enthusiasts across the web.

This heartwarming scene unfolded in the state of Ohio, where viewers can witness the moment a deer with antlers found itself entangled in a rope used as a swing. With the deer unable to free itself, the hunters came to its rescue.

Witness the video showcasing the remarkable efforts of these men as they come to the aid of a deer trapped by its antlers in a rope. Kudos to the hunters for their swift and effective assistance.

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