Several months ago, a video depicting an unusual bond between a man and a rhinoceros gained viral popularity on the internet. The orphaned rhino, rescued by compassionate individuals, was nurtured like a puppy and later reintroduced to the wild.

In 2015, Kitui, a rhinoceros, arrived at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a refuge for numerous animals in need. Being a rescued infant, Kitui received dedicated care from his guardian, Kamara, fostering a heartwarming friendship between them.

As the rhino matured, he was reintroduced to the wild, while Kamara persisted in tending to other animals in need. Recently, the long-awaited reunion between Kamara and Kitui unfolded, brimming with emotion.

Witness the poignant video capturing the heartfelt encounter between a rhinoceros and the man who nurtured him throughout his formative years. Will these scenes also tug at your heartstrings?

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