Everyone, this is Shakey Graves.

He’s a gifted musician who defines the term “one-man band.” How he delivers this amazing rendition of his song, “Roll The Bones” for this AudioTree Live session is nothing short of astounding.
Shakey Graves, whose real name is Alejandro Rose-Garcia, is a 26-year-old musical phenom. He performs his solo shows with only the help of his aged acoustic guitar and makeshift drum kit. His gravelly voice, in concert with his rhythmic tunes, make his live shows truly unforgettable.
How did this young man get his start? Well, according to, “While gigging in a wildly eclectic underground scene in Los Angeles in 2009 — longtime actor Rose-Garcia was there pursuing work — he saw a performance by one-man band Bob Log III that showed him how to command an audience’s attention by constantly throwing curveballs and changing different ‘performance variables.’” After that, Shakey’s career, and overall talent, took off to new heights. This goes to show you that inspiration can come out of nowhere – you just have to be ready for it.
Did you become a fan of Shakey after this video? Everyone here at SFG did! This only makes sense given his ever-growing popularity. even reported that, “His following has become so strong that local promoters talk about how he consistently draws better crowds than headliners he opens for in clubs, and NPR Music named him as one of 10 national artists music fans “should’ve known in 2012,” with KUT’s David Brown calling him ‘unclassifiably original. And frighteningly good.’” It’s hard to argue with that kind of praise after witnessing his immense talent.
You already know how we feel about this young man, but how did his performance strike you? Please share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below.
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