Are your children listening to you enough? Are they lying to you? Are you strict enough but not too strict? Although teenagers try to bend the rules a lot, it is important for you, as a parent, to lay down the law to them. The reason for this is because a new research study was done by scientists that suggests that children with strict parents, but not too strict, end up growing up to be successful. However, you have to be strict but not too strict and find a healthy balance with your children.

The research study was done back in 2015 and it was done by the Institute for Social and Economic Research. According to this research study, there are two different types of strict parenting. There is too strict parenting called, Authoritarian, which instills fear into the child, and then there is the just right strict parenting called, Authoritative, which instills love but they are also just strict enough for the child to grow up successful.

Maybe when you were a teenager or even a bit younger than that, you thought your parents were just a little too strict for your liking. However, you should ask yourself now, “were your parent’s right to be as strict as they were?” Are you a successful person now that you are grown up? You might think that your hard work is the cause of you being as successful as you are today, but this isn’t necessarily true. If your parent’s laid down the law with you when you were a child, and although you didn’t like those laws, or rules, you should be thankful for that now because that is the reason for your success.

The reason for all of this, for the parental strictness being a good thing, is because the children grow up with these rules instilled into them. It is like they have these rules stuck in the back of their minds and because of this, they always do the right thing. Meaning, they become successful adults and it is all thanks to their parents rules!

What do you think about this? Were your parents strict when you were a child? Are you a successful adult now because of this? Thank your parents for this!

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