When the heartwarming story of a boy with Down’s Syndrome rejected by a girl he invited to be his back-to-school date arrives at FOX5 Surprise Squad, they decide to do whatever they can to make this boy’s party the best it can be. memorable. his life.

Just when 17-year-old Daniel Rivas was scheduled to attend a walk-in concert, something incredible happened.

He received an offer from Kyle Fronius to be his partner for the night. She is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold and did not consider Daniel to be a disabled person. She believes that students like him are no different from others, they are just ordinary people who learn differently. The way she sees things is what makes this girl so special.

The beautiful gesture did not leave Daniel Tonya’s mother indifferent either. What Kylie did for her son was amazing. Tonya was happy to have someone who saw no handicap in her son.

When they approached the party venue, they noticed a red carpet and couldn’t believe it was there for them. They felt like celebrities and their faces revealed how happy they were. It was truly a very special evening.

As the Fox5 Surprise Squad got the whole story, they could start planning the surprises for both Daniel and Kylie. What they prepared for the teenagers was something they will remember till the rest of their lives. But one thing was certain, they deserved all the presents they were about to receive.

But that was only the start of a great experience. As everyone cheered and looked at them, they were told that they both got a paid trip to Disneyland.

Take a look at the video and get ready for tonight’s biggest surprise.


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