He says it like it is – and it couldn’t be more hysterical.

Grandmas are the best – there’s no denying it! From the secret treats to the tasty meals, unannounced visits, and little presents, grandmas take the cake! They are there to vent to when things get tough and laugh with when the good times flow. They truly are the best people in the world! So when a cute little guy in a karate uniform was asked about his 100-year-old “MamMa,” and why God created her, he had some interesting things to say! First, he simply cannot believe how old she is. Then, as you might expect, his answer to the question is sweet and adorable – get ready to say “Awwwww…”

While this little boy has his own reasons for why God created grandmas and why they’re so wonderful, there’s actual science behind why grandmothers are the best. Psychology Today explains that grandmothers are calmer than they were when they were parents. That’s why you see grandmas letting things slide off their shoulders when their grandchildren do something unruly – but she would’ve lashed out in an instant if her child did the same back in the day. Additionally, grandmothers don’t have to worry about actually parenting. They get to take a sidestep from the stress and focus on the fun parts of raising children! Now it makes sense why grandmothers are the best. They are allowed to be the “cool” one while never really having to discipline!


So when the film crew turned their attention on this little boy and asked why God created Grandmas, his response was too good. He made some excellent points, and his reasoning was spotless! Take a peek at this adorable moment of honesty in the video below. Grandmothers are the best and this little guy knows it. We couldn’t agree more!

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