Most of us children of the 80s could not turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without seeing a picture of six adorable girls, all sisters and the world’s first all girl sextuplets.

Janet and Graham Walton welcomed their sextuplets on November 18, 1983 and what’s more they were all girls. The world was fascinated and the media glare was always upon them.

As a youngster watching them it looked so fun and I thought they were so fortunate to be all sisters together.

Now I’m a parent I cannot imagine the shock of being told you’re expecting six babies at once!

But 36 years later and the publicity has died down. So what are they up to now? Take a look at these extraordinary sisters in the video below.

In 1983, something very exciting happened in Liverpool, England. The Walton family made history.

Janet and Graham had been trying to have children for several years without success. But their 13th attempt at fertility treatment bore historical results.

All six healthy girls were born becoming the world’s first all girl sextuplets and the fourth known set in the world!

They grew up in the family’s seven bedroom house with the media spotlight upon them.

Now, more than 30 years have passed since they were born.

Photo: YouTube

There have been many important moments in their lives when the press have showed up: their first birthday; their first day at school; their 18th, their 21st, their 30th birthdays.

But, through it all their parents have ensured they kept their feet firmly on the ground, not dressing them the same and encouraging Hannah, Ruth, Luci, Kate, Jennie and Sarah’s different personalities to shine.

Dad Graham, who took time off work in the beginning to help, said one of the hardest tasks, as they got older, was parents’ evening at the girls’ school!


Today all of the girls have left home, apart from Hannah, but still live near to their parents. And one sister Sarah produced the Walton’s first grandchild a daughter (of course) called Jorgie.

Photo: YouTube

See more of this family’s incredible journey in the video below.

And if you didn’t already think so, find out just how extraordinary their creation was and just how different they are in the video below.

I cannot imagine how hard it must have been raising six babies at the same time, but Janet and Graham should be so proud of what they achieved. These girls have grown into wonderful women.

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