A relaxing walk in nature can be a great way to unwind. But recently, health advisors have released an alert regarding one plant which is particularly dangerous to anybody that it touches.

Giant Hogweed, also known as Heracleum mantegazzianum, has appeared in several states nationwide.

Simply touching its sap may lead to third-degree burns, and possibly cause permanent loss of vision.

Giant Hogweed sometimes is referred to as hogsbane, or cartwheel-flower. It’s also called giant cow parsnip, or (giant) cow parsley, too.

It has reportedly been spotted in Ohio, Washington, Virginia, Vermont, Oregon, Michigan, Maryland, and New York.

Giant Hogweed can reach 14ft tall. It is recognizable by its giant green leaves and white little flowers, which are particularly dark in color. They can grow to 5ft lengthwise.

It also has purple specks and spots on its thick, white hair-covered stem.

While it looks beautiful, it can ooze a particularly dangerous sap; this is what causes the devastating damage when we come into contact with it.

The chemicals in the sap allow giant Hogweed to react to light pretty readily. But should it touch human skin, it can cause the same effect.

Touching hogsbane sap can lead to burning dark blisters in under forty-eight hours, these can scar for anywhere between several months and 6 years, sources report.

It can lead to permanent loss of vision should it enter the eyes.

Act Quick

If giant Hogweed sap does touch your skin, quickly wash your skin in cold water, then stay out of the sunlight.

If you can’t get into the shade, put sunblock on the affected area and use a specialized compress from the pharmacy which has aluminum acetate. This can ease the pain, according to the New York Health Department.

Should the sap come in contact with the eyes, flush them out right away using cold water, then put sunglasses on.

In this video, you’ll learn more on this pretty but highly dangerous weed.

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