VIDEO: She Takes Three Car Tires And Paints Them Completely White. What She Uses Them To Make? COOL!


It seems like parents are always trying to come up with new ways to entertain their children and keep them out of trouble.

It’s also common knowledge that the average person is making more of an effort to go green in this day in age than ever before.

This wonderful video proposes a perfect way to have fun with the whole family and do it in a sustainable manner!

Gardener Magazine released a helpful video to their Youtube channel to exhibit how to turn old tires into beautiful outdoor planters.

The first step is to obtain the tires (the more you have the longer the kids stay busy!)

Then, provide the paint to coat the tires, but make sure to put plastic down on the ground, so as to not ruin the grass.

Next, line the holes of the tires with big black trash bags. It’s important to poke a few holes in this area of plastic for ventilation.

Of course, the idea is open to manipulation and personalization, but the instructor in the video shows stacking two tires on top of each other to have a higher and more accessible planter.

It is easier to decorate with large designs if there are multiple tires stacked together, because there will be a bigger surface area per planter to paint artistically.

The next step is actually putting the soil and nutrients in the planters and planting the chosen plants into their new homes.

If you want to see the video showing how to make this amazing project, check it out down below and let us know if you give this DIY a shot!