No relationship is perfect. That’s a fact we all need to accept. However, even imperfect relationships need boundaries and loyalty. It’s unfortunate, but a lot of people experience their significant other going outside of the relationship for some kind of sexual or emotional satisfaction.

If you’re worried about that kind of betrayal, here are some simple things you can look for. They are signs that your partner is cheating.

NOTE: If you go looking for these issues, you’ll find them. Beware and take this list as lightly as you can!

1.) They Are Eager To Start Fights

If your partner is starting more fights than usual, it could mean they have some displaced guilt that they are trying to take out on you.

2.) They Pay More Attention To Their Phone Than You.

If your partner is constantly getting text messages or phone calls inexplicably, that is pretty suspicious.

3.) They Put Down Another Person.

They insult or say insulting things about a person, it could be a way to throw you off their scent. If you believe that your partner doesn’t like someone, you probably wouldn’t expect them to cheat on you with that person.

4.) Avoiding Eye Contact

People who feel guilt or are lying have a hard time making eye contact, this is perhaps the most obvious sign.

5.) They’ve Become Distant.

You used to talk and do stuff together and now they just don’t want anything to do with you. That’s not only a sign of cheating but its a sign that you are in a pretty bad relationship in general.

6.) If They Don’t Let You Look Through Their Phone.

If they have nothing to hide, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you ask for their phone and they throw it out the window, something is probably wrong.

7.) They Don’t Have Sex With You Anymore.

If your partner is stepping out, being sexually satisfied elsewhere, they most likely aren’t going to be interested in having sex with you anymore, or at least as much.

8.) They Are Much Nicer Inexplicably.

When people feel guilt about something, they want some way to alleviate that guilt, being nice to the person who you have wronged is a way to get over that.

9.) They Smell Different.

If your partner has a noticeably different smell, it could be that they are spending time with a person who smells differently and it is rubbing off on them.

10.) You Never Know Where They Are.

If they are always out and you never know where they are, or if they lie to you about where they are, you can begin to feel a little leery.

11.) They Start To Dress Nicer.

Your partner used to wear t-shirts and jeans everywhere and now all of a sudden they are dressed to the nines constantly. They are probably dressing up for someone else.

12.) Their Schedule Changes.

If your partner had a daily routine and now their routine is constantly changing, it is a good reason to raise an eyebrow about the matter.

Realizing and accepting that someone you love is betraying you can hurt… but sometimes, it needs to happen. Hopefully, this list will help you spot future problems with your spouse or significant other.

No matter what you or they have done (or will do), one thing is vital: communication. You’d be surprised by just what you can overcome by being open and honest about your feelings.

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