Watch This Woman’s Hilarious Solution To Inconsiderate Cellphone Talker


Wow many times has this happened to you: you’re in a quiet public place, when suddenly, someone pulls out a cellphone and starts talking as though they’re the only person in the room. You can hear their entire conversation, and it seems to go on forever. It’s a frustrating and often maddening experience to say the least; some people just don’t seem to notice or care about those around them.

In the hilarious clip below, we meet four women quietly sitting in a hospital waiting room. All of the sudden, one woman answers her cellphone, only to begin loudly cackling at the caller’s remarks. The other three women are noticeably annoyed as the callee continues to let out those obnoxious laugh. But make sure to keep watching the woman with short, red hair seated next to her. She can’t take it anymore, and she’s about to do something about it…

It’s no wonder this video went viral with more than five million views. I seriously laughed out loud just watching how it ends!

Yep… She totally deserved it. Do you agree? More importantly, is this a tactic you’ll use in the future?!

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