The nine months of pregnancy that every expectant parent goes through can be as exciting as it is nerve wracking.

Everything that happens in the mother’s womb during this time affects the growing life that’s about to be brought into the world.

Every stop or interruption in the fetus’ development can bring a host of problems.

And we can’t always see exactly what’s going on in there – which can cause us great worry and anxiety.

This worry can only be transformed into complete joy and relief when we have a healthy baby in our arms.

In the meantime we hope, pray and rejoice over how fascinating and joyous pregnancy can be.

There are so many things that can happen during pregnancy. Just the fact that there’s a tiny life in there is incredible.

Being able to follow the development of their future child is wonderful for any expectant parent, as long as the pregnancy is progressing as it should do.

But sometimes nature works against us and creates a problem that is less than desirable.

The doctors were shocked

Some of these incidents are caused by genetic defects and diseases – or something as basic as a knot.

In the uterus, the mother and the fetus are “interconnected” via an umbilical cord, which transports nutrients to the child and disposes of waste so that the child develops properly and gets everything that it needs.

However, energetic children may disturb the umbilical cord. In some cases the umbilical cord wraps around the head or neck of the baby. Sometimes it can even get tied in a knot.


There are many horror stories about these tragic events, and it can lead to something as devastating as stillbirth.

One user on internet forum Reddit shared a photo from 2015 of the miracle that was his son.

The dad was completely overjoyed when he saw his newborn baby. He was so relieved to see that his son was healthy and breathing properly.


But when the doctor looked down, he discovered something that changed the mood of the room: the umbilical cord was tied in a perfect knot. 

At first, everyone was worried.

But luckily, in this case the baby was completely fine.

“Hurry up dad, take a picture your baby is a miracle,” the doctor said to the dad.

Facebook/Pure Births Pregnancy & Wellness

When you see the pictures it’s hard not to agree with the doctor, it’s amazing that this baby survived despite the knot.

I am so glad for this baby and his family that he got to go home with his parents healthy and happy! 

Share this feel good story if you also believe in miracles! 

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