Eating alone is never fun. It can be boring and lonely. Having someone to share a meal with is truly a gift that many people take for granted.

For a police officer in Massachusetts, he was just looking to grab a quick bite to eat on his work break when he stopped into a local restaurant. While he was sitting alone at the table, the strangest thing happened.
A little girl, no more than the age of four, approached his table. The police officer, Sgt. Steven Dearth, had seen the little girl looking at him before she walked over and had smiled back at her.

When the preschooler, named Lillian, came up to him, Sgt. Dearth gave her a high five and a sticker that said “Junior Police Officer” on it reports ABC. While he thought Lillian would be on her way after the quick greeting and sticker, Sgt. Dearth was surprised that the little girl went a step further. Lillian pulled up a chair and sat down at the table with the officer, joining him for his entire meal.

The two had a wonderful conversation while Lillian’s parents looked on from a nearby table. Sgt. Dearth learned a lot about Lillian and believes she will do great things in the future.

After he was finished with his meal, Sgt. Dearth told Lillian’s parents that he was touched by their daughter’s kind gesture and that it was “the best break” he’d ever had.Sgt. Dearth wasn’t done, however. He then asked Lillian and her parents if they wanted to check out his patrol car. The family happily agreed, with Lillian even asking Sgt. Dearth if they could have a play date in the future according to WNEP.

Not only are they going to have a play date, but Lillian and her mother were invited to come and tour the police station. After Sgt. Dearth’s police department heard about the encounter, they asked the restaurant for a copy of their CCTV video, which had recorded the entire heartwarming moment.The department then posted the sweet video to social media where it went viral in 2017, making both Sgt. Dearth and Lillian internet sensations.

What do you think of Lillian’s sweet act of kindness towards Sgt. Dearth? Would you encourage your children to befriend a police officer? If you think this story is heartwarming, be sure to pass it along to your family and friends to read as well.


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