Blood is thicker than water, they say – and it couldn’t be any truer for a man who called off his own wedding after his fiancée got angry for choosing the daughter of his sister as the flower girl for their wedding.

In a post on Reddit’s “Am I The A******” thread, a man revealed with the username u/arturomurphys narrated how their planned wedding started to crumble down.

“My fiancée and I are planning our wedding. She comes from a large family. She has 5 sisters, most of them have kids. 4 of her sisters are her bridesmaids, one is serving as maid of honor. I come from a smaller family: just my parents, my sister and my niece, Brynn. Brynn is 3 years old and pretty much my best pal. I’m her godfather, I love her to bits,” he said.

From the start, he allowed his fiancée to choose whomever she wanted for their wedding. His fiancée didn’t even include his sister in the list of bridesmaids, which he said he understood.

But things got heated when they finally came to the younger roles in the wedding. His fiancée wanted her niece to be the flower girl, which is usually the youngest person who precedes the bride down the aisle.

While the man didn’t have any issues about having his fiancée’s niece as a flower girl, he also wanted his niece, who is close to him, to be one of the flower girls. Plus, his niece and his fiancée’s niece get along well, which he thought was perfect.

For Illustration Purposes Only (With Models) –“Her older nephews are junior groomsmen, the younger is the ring bearer. She only has one niece, Aubrey, who’s 4. My fiancée wants her to be the flower girl. I said that’s fine, but I also want Brynn to be one. They can walk down the aisle together, it’d be super cute. Brynn loves playing with Aubrey, so they get along,” he said.But his fiancée disagreed with him and told him there could only be one flower girl since she wanted to have a traditional wedding that only required one flower girl to walk down the aisle.

His fiancée then told him that his niece Brynn could sit with his family instead.

“My fiancée says she wants our wedding to be ‘traditional’ so there can only be one flower girl. I suggested Brynn could hold a sign or something while Aubrey threw flowers. My fiancée said no, she can sit with my sister and parents,” he said.

But he insisted on making his niece a flower girl, telling his sister about it, which made his fiancée get mad at him. His niece holds an important place in his heart, and the man he knew he had to fight for her. His fiancée and Aubrey’s mom then accused him of stealing Aubrey’s spotlight.

“My fiancée got pissed and I said it’s my day too, Brynn means a great deal to me and she’ll be in the wedding. My fiancée and Aubrey’s mom are mad at me, saying I’m stealing Aubrey’s spotlight,” he said.

After his post blew up, he gave an update about their situation, where he revealed they sat down to discuss the issue.

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Instead of fixing the situation, it got even worse as the woman told him the real reason why she didn’t want Brynn to be a flower girl. It was because she has Down syndrome. So, he decided to call off the wedding.

“Finally, my fiancée was honest. She doesn’t want Brynn in our wedding because Brynn has Down syndrome. She said everyone will be looking at her, taking pity, etc. Turns out it wasn’t about a spotlight on Aubrey, but my f**** fiancée. I told her to f*** herself, called her ableist and said don’t worry, there won’t be a spotlight to steal anymore because there’s no wedding,” he said.

After the intense confrontation, the man decided to leave their apartment and stayed at his sister’s place instead, where he got to spend time with Brynn. To his surprise, his fiancée suddenly sent him a message telling him she was willing to compromise. But the man said he was “likely done” and said he agreed with what the commenters had to say about their situation.

One person pointed out that they might have to undergo counseling to settle their differences.

Meanwhile, another person said the woman could have at least granted his wish to turn the groom’s niece into a flower girl.

“For real. She already took over both halves of the bridal party, so the least she can do is give him a co-flower girl,” the person said.

But most of the people who commented on his post sided with him, with many saying the woman appeared selfish for making everything related to the wedding about her.

“Are you sure you want to have a marriage with her, she already sounds like she is the only one that matters and selfish?” one person wrote.

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What can you say about the woman’s decision not to grant the groom’s request to turn the latter’s niece into a flower girl? Do you know someone who also had a similar experience from their own wedding? Let us know your thoughts, and pass this on to anyone who might love to read this story!


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