In 2009, Adam Lambert initially auditioned for American Idol. Six years later, in 2015, he returned to the show as a guest judge and was invited to recreate his memorable first audition by performing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Long ago, Adam Lambert was a relative unknown. Before his courageous debut in front of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul, he was just another nervous performer. Opting for the audacious choice of “Bohemian Rhapsody” as his first public performance, Lambert tackled the notoriously challenging Queen track with unmatched bravery. Few singers can match Freddie Mercury’s vocal range, and performing it a cappella only heightened the difficulty. Despite initial nerves, Lambert managed to overcome them and delivered a stunning rendition that captured the essence of the song beautifully.

The spontaneous performance even drew the interest of Queen’s two remaining members, Brian May and Roger Taylor, as reported by Rolling Stone. As you likely know, Lambert has served as the band’s frontman for much of the past decade since joining them in 2011. Currently, they are embarking on their fittingly named “Rhapsody Tour,” with concerts spanning across Europe, as detailed on the band’s website.

While Lambert has devoted the majority of his time to leading this iconic classic rock group, he has also managed to carve out ample time for additional pursuits. His Grammy Award nomination was a testament to the success of “Whataya Want from Me,” and he notably became the first openly gay artist to top the Billboard 200 chart, as reported by AllMusic.
According to Idolator, one of Lambert’s most entertaining endeavors was his return to American Idol as a guest judge in 2015. He stepped in for Keith Urban, who was dealing with a family loss at the time. Lambert made history as the first former contestant to serve as a judge on the show. Seated alongside Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., Lambert found himself in a humorous exchange when Connick expressed regret for not having judged Lambert’s original audition. Initially taking it as a joke, Lambert soon realized Connick was serious. In a spontaneous move, he stood up and delivered a full-blown reprise of his audition. Before launching into song, he even echoed the words he famously said during his original audition: “I ain’t skeered.”
Clearly, Lambert has always embodied the essence of a true showman. It’s remarkable to consider that he started as a hopeful contestant aiming to progress beyond the initial rounds of a televised singing contest. Now, he stands as the frontman of the very band whose song propelled him into the spotlight. This journey signifies an unparalleled rise to superstardom, and Lambert’s deserving nature makes it all the more impressive.
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